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Incident please also ask the queen to punish it the matter has not been resolved, what punishment the empress burst into anger, and her mood gradually stabilized at present, the preparatory dean and I are fully investigating the matter and will.

They all supported yang yifeng, and they sneered at him, quite disdainful these even more so yang yifeng, look at the move jiu boyuan s eyes lit up scarlet, and he rushed up again with his moves this time jiu boyuan s tricks showed his strength.

Getting along well and left I kept busy until early morning, and most of the illnesses were contained, and everyone stopped zhu yifeng didn t care about rest she looked at yang yifeng and wen ren yan er, I m bothering you today I haven t slept all.

Boyuan into the air, and his teeth shook jiu boyuan fell to the ground at that moment, I was completely dumbfounded the people around were also stunned for an instant, and soon burst into enthusiastic applause it is true that yang yifeng s.

Such an opinion after wenren yan er left, mother miao said hurriedly why don t I know the empress sighed slightly, but it s because yan er went straight in everything, that I was worried that she would be deceived and planted in a pit the queen,.

Bitterly, then you have to recognize the appearance of me and lingxuan we are not bad guys wenren yaner nodded let s hurry up and help nangong lingxuan reminded, everyone hurry up and get busy yang yifeng was relieved to see them getting along.

Screams of the enemies sounded one after another, and blood appeared in the air, throwing in the air I found out before that you didn t catch up at all I was afraid that something would happen to you, so I returned wen ren yan er is still in that.

Yifeng stood up, it doesn t matter, you work hard slowly and you will make progress big brother yang, I m hungry ye zitong rubbed his shriveled belly and said, go to the kitchen to get something to eat when you are hungry yang yifeng smiled I m.

Pressure on wenren yan er on the other hand, shenque city took a lot of effort to choose the people who came out were fired in a short period of time, and if they were passed out, they would only be regarded as a joke by everyone, and had no.

Coldly, expressionless wen ren lihui was happy, laughed, and then said very arrogantly it s not a day or two that I have been driving in suzaku academy no one else cares about it you are what you are, dare to care about me at this arrogant words,.

Reputation will spread farther yang yifeng said coldly, and then planned to leave chen qiwei became dissatisfied and grabbed the handlebar of the bicycle, you kid is amazing, and you are so miserable to rectify wenren lihui now you are going to.

Here you are xiaoer dian stepped forward and handed him a jar of wine what do you mean the man saw the jar of wine with a puzzled look on his face one shopkeeper drove him badly, while the other gave him wine a young man just saw you being pitiful.

Nowhere to investigate and has no direction, but the queen has a deadline of three months yang yifeng is required to investigate the matter if the investigation fails, then yang yifeng will be in trouble the butler sneered he is the confidant of.

Said with a smile huh, what can I do to worry about I have a good time here I eat a lot and drink a lot I slept after eating and I had a good time wei hongyi said lightly, but it was actually full full of anger naturally, all this cannot escape.

Discouraged bastard it was yaner s own credit for yaner to make it this far the queen patted the armrest of the seat angrily, very angry zhu yifeng bowed her head, holding her breath, she also took a big risk today the empress was furious, and.

This is the true nature of a man, dare to act, have courage and strategy nangong lingxuan said with a smile, and her words were full of feelings of being proud of yang yifeng you two, don t praise me if you really want to reward me, please hurry.

Only now understands that at that time when they went to the village below the mountain, the villagers were kind to them but after hearing that they were going up the mountain to hunt, their attitude immediately changed it turned out to be.

Solution in the future the queen walked towards the resting place the next day, the final officially began the audience seats were full, cheers rang, and flags covered the sun, making it extremely lively zhuge yuhan still dressed up to attend.

Bleeding, ben xingyun turned pale with fright, then turned his head looking over, he found that the thing he was leaning on was half destroyed ben xingyun was so scared that cold sweat came out of his forehead, and he couldn t stop shaking wouldn.

Zhuge yuhan was also busy to dissuade, you two women are crazy young master yang struggled hard to win the championship, how could he give up isn t this a waste of all previous efforts besides, the appointment letter has been issued, so he didn t.

Answered truthfully, and then asked with some doubts, where is the preparation dean I also plan to go to the medical building yang yifeng replied, continuing to ride the bike, but looking ahead, rarely seeing yaner wen ren yan er looked at her,.

Matter to you, I hope you will give an answer as soon as possible, otherwise the parents of those students will not be happy yang yifeng gestured to them they can go now chen feisheng walked away How to lose weight at 50 with murong wenqing yang yifeng s eyes turned cold.

Father is not only the eldest son, but also has something to do with his good flattering and liu zhenyu is completely different, disdain to do this by the way, tai jie, you are not here to watch my cultivation specifically liu molong s face.

Made them feel like they were fighting with their teeth wenren yaner also tried to break through this net during the period, but found that she couldn t get out don t worry about it this is a net that is constantly cutting and burning it is a.

Key steward liu warned I don t write, I m not Weight Loss Suplement wrong wei hongyi said angrily, as if he didn t want to admit his mistake butler liu s face suddenly became gloomy, and he said angrily if you have such an attitude, it will be difficult to get out and.

Down the mountain they also switched to cars midway, and there was a trail that was open to traffic the vehicles set off one after another yang yifeng came to the end, but instead of getting in the car, he kept watching the car away there are.

S time to calm the students emotions and illness brother yang nangong lingxuan and ye zitong saw yang yifeng making a call in the corridor, shouted, and walked quickly yang yifeng glanced at them, a little surprised, and ended the call soon why.

To come so soon yang yifeng fell behind, panting, who said I m not good you didn t beat lao tzu just now haha, yang yifeng, don t quibble although I didn t hit you, it doesn t mean I can t you have to worry a lot for yourself, worry, you rushed so.

Her mouth zhuge yuhan shrugged, I am the archbishop of divine how to loose weight easily and fast bird city, who dares to attack me isn t this a happy thing that happened today I will join you in the fun too zhuge yuhan poured a glass of wine and put the glass of wine to yang.

He was going yang yifeng waved towards the black bear, black bear, I am here, I have disappointed you, I have nothing to do the black bear saw yang yifeng well, and was immediately disappointed what youyou are okay the black bear stepped back two.

They noticed wenren yaner, they hurriedly bowed down and respectfully bowed to wenren yaner, I didn t notice the princess I really deserve to die, and ask the princess to atone for it talking about royal affairs openly, according to the rules of.

Sinful, even killing him would not be an exaggeration, but he even put him back home therefore, as long as the enemy thinks about this, he will not easily be dispatched yang yifeng sighed since young master knows, why did you do that liu zhenyu.

I must be safe the mother doesn t want you to be hurt anymore the queen said that her eyes were moist she thought that yang yifeng s appearance would endanger wenren yan er and she was quite jealous wenren yan er still rarely sees the queen like.

Politely murong wenqing moved his eyes the dean Weight Loss Suplement chen s analysis is that yang yifeng is a stumbling block that Simple exercises to lose weight fast hinders the development of the chen family, and it is best to find a time to remove it otherwise, wait for new diabetes drug for weight loss yang yifeng to really manage.

Don t dare, I was too emotional before, now I think about it, the preparation dean is the most suitable for this matter and he also explained the ins and outs of the matter to his aunt just now, there must be no major problems wen ren lihui.

Yang yifeng has little confidence in this this arrangement also expands the scope of the search, hoping to catch brother hua to the greatest extent after doing this, yang yifeng went to the cafeteria to calm the emotions of those people and gave.

City, and he is also the executive deputy dean of the prestigious suzaku academy he has a prominent position yang yifeng compares him with xiaomin in the city an insult to him but since this is a public place, even if chen feisheng has more.

Thousand taels of gold from his arms and placed it in front of him take it over and show me the queen waved at him yang yifeng working out to lose weight fast stepped forward, handed the check, and then he quickly withdrew what is this the queen frowned slightly when she saw.

The enemy a chance to take advantage of it qian er expressed her own opinion, which is nothing to say there is no reason but ouyang ruotong blushed, I just think that so many people follow, it s too eye catching princess ruotong, you clearly want.

Leaders and elders yang yifeng still knows this etiquette I don t know what the queen and the dean are asking for me yang yifeng didn t say too much, but what is the keto 30 challenge went straight to easy menu for weight loss the subject look at this first zhu yifeng handed a black post to yang yifeng.

Yifeng frowned I will call my mother emperor now, tell her that the college is working overtime and there are things that she can t go back temporarily wen ren yan er took out her mobile phone yang yifeng stopped, even if it can be kept secret.

Physician wen ren yan Weight Loss Suplement er handed both medicines to wen ren nahan in order to reassure the queen wen ren nahan took it, carefully distinguished it, and found no problems, so Weight loss pills without diet and exercise she was relieved yes problem your mother wen ren yan er asked deliberately.

Zitong and nangong lingxuan couldn t help but scream now they realized that it was late and it was pitch black only the full moon in the sky provided the only light big brother yang, what should I do master, I am afraid ye zitong and nangong.

Lingxuan looked at each other and sighed helplessly they understood yang yifeng s feelings for xiao yan, but it was a pity that it was impossible to achieve the goal in one fell swoop after twists and turns brother yang, try this I cooked this.

Her mouth zhuge yuhan shrugged, I am the archbishop of divine bird city, who dares to attack me isn t this a happy thing that happened today I will join you in the fun too zhuge yuhan poured a glass of wine and put the glass of wine to yang.

To hesitate just as the enemy charged, yang yifeng hit an enemy with a punch, and a powerful wave of air spread to the rear on the spot, causing them to fall pour a big piece the enemies in front of yang yifeng opened their eyes the next moment,.

Purpose is to kill you the tablet of blood sacrifice master jiuboyuan the captain of the guard shouted angrily soon he held his sword and greeted everyone, brothers, we have no family the establishment of the gate is not short this time we will.

Position as leader although jiu boyuan is not complete I believe it, but I already have suspicions about elder wu in my heart whatever you want elder wu closed his eyes and didn t bother to pay attention to him anymore end of this chapter the.

Mean by the queen zhu yifeng s face paled you are the dean of suzaku academy, don t you know her eyes were cold zhu yifeng couldn t help shivering, but she couldn t help but sweat for yang yifeng, the queen, I think yang yifeng s performance this.

It turned out to be true if I let you go on like this, I don t know how many people will be killed by you the empress stared at wenren lihui with cold eyes, and asked sharply lihui, are these all true wen ren lihui hesitated for a long time, ii he.

Up yang yifeng quickly grabbed it and slapped wenren lihui on the head the whole action was smooth and flowing, and it was breathtaking so handsome this is the style of our preparatory dean good job it s so enjoyable it s time to be punished the.

Forward quickly when they reached the mountain gate, they were stopped by the gatekeepers of wuzongmen who are Weight Loss Suplement the two, and what do you do the gatekeeper asked we are discussing important matters with your leader, and you get out of the way the.

Blessing in the future, and even let her kill nangong guhan you know, she has been upset with nangong guhan for a long time at her it seems that nangong guhan is the kind of self righteous and very annoying woman but the adults are at a.

Equivalent to hurting the human dermis once the internal organs are accumulated, it will be even more difficult to save it does the dean want to see this this phenomenon happened yang yifeng s tone was a bit cold and oppressive zhu yifeng s pupils.

Pass by here while hunting ye zitong explained kindly, with very kind eyes the old man looked at them blankly, and did not speak for a long time the clothes and sewing needles in his hands fell to the ground for a long time she said quietly my.

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