Catherine de Maré

Therapist for Adults and Young People

About Me

I am a BACP Accredited therapist with a background in psychoanalysis, experienced in working with both adults and young persons. 

Before starting working with CPPC London, I worked with adults as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist in private practice and I also worked with adolescents in mental health services specializing in complex mental health issues. 

I specialize in short-term psychodynamic psychotherapy: the aim of which is to work out the main issue that you feel is stopping your development and growth.  We will work out what for you is the central issue and what is bringing you to therapy.  We will explore how it is affecting you and your relationships with others including the therapist.  Therapy will lead to a greater sense of self, an increase in self agency and strengthen your ability to set clear boundaries.   

FUN FACT: I play the sousaphone in jazz band and enjoy learning Chinese characters. 

You can talk to me about:

    • Imposter syndrome
    • Change of life crisis
    • Discovering and setting healthy boundaries
    • Surviving narcissism
    • Body dysmorphia
    • Agrophobia
    • Social anxiety
    • No sense of self and chronic people pleasing

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