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What we do

We are a passionate, professional team who believe in working smart, smashing goals and playing often. Whether you’re an individual with something on your mind, a couple looking to improve your relationship, or a business wanting to improve employee productivity and wellness, we offer impactful solutions to help you meet your personal and professional goals. 

Who is therapy for?

Whilst there is still unnecessary stigma attached to therapy, there is nothing wiser or braver than investing in your mental health, just as you would your physical health. Whether you have suffered a traumatic event, or are just looking to tackle some of the struggles of everyday life, therapy is a useful tool for bringing calm and clarity of mind. Issues we work with include, but are not limited to:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Identity Issues
  • Bereavement
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Issues with sex & sexuality
  • Work stress
  • Relationship issues

Who is coaching for?

Coaching is designed to help drive you toward both your personal and professional potential and meet your career goals. Whether you are looking for a new challenge,  wanting to reignite the passion for the job you already have, or address your work-life balance, coaching can assist ambitious individuals in unlocking the right skills and attitude to succeed. 

Coaching is an emotionally intelligent approach to making change, meaning your coach will be interested in how your career fits in with your wider lifestyle and what really makes you ‘tick’. If you are keen to take steps towards a more meaningful way of living and working, get in touch now.


Caroline Plumer

Here are just a few of our team of dynamite professionals. Please click the button above to meet the rest of the gang…

Caroline Plumer


Before starting CPPC London, Caroline worked in a number of corporate roles in Central London and so works with a first-hand understanding of the stresses of modern life. She is dedicated to supporting individuals & couples who may be under the strain of high-pressure careers & busy lifestyles.

FUN FACT: Caroline has a great memory for song lyrics- a good skill for pub quizzes!


Paul’s career has spanned teaching children with behavioral difficulties, managing teams of brokers in a high octane environment to global business development in banking and fin tech. Paul brings an empathetic approach to coaching and an understanding on a  deep level and what makes people tick. 

FUN FACT: Paul is an experienced diver and skipper. Ahoy there!

Sarah Williams Therapist


Sarah aims to offer a safe space to explore thoughts and emotions, free from judgement. Sarah specialises in trauma work and has a wealth of experience supporting survivors of sexual abuse, but works with clients from a diverse range of backgrounds.

FUN FACT: Sarah is obsessed with popcorn and sometimes goes to the cinema just to buy it!


An integrative psychotherapist and counsellor with a leaning towards the existential approach, Murray is fully accredited to work with couples of all sexualities, experiencing issues in their relationships. Murray is also the COSRT UK spokesperson on Men’s issues.

FUN FACT: Murray is a talented artist and painter, as well as a proud Aussie.

What Our Clients Say


“Caroline is incredibly perceptive – offering unbiased, unique and careful insight to my life – which has helped me immeasurably to process and understand my own thoughts and feelings, even when I struggle to simply describe them… I deeply value the treatment she has provided and recommended her to anyone who is struggling with their mental health”

Advertising Professional, London


What Our Clients Say


“​Caroline was kind, patient and reassuring from the start. Sometimes I find opening up hard, and often I ‘skirt around’ what I really want to say, but Caroline helped me start to unravel the internal conversations I was having. If you are in any doubt about seeing a therapist, I would highly recommend Caroline 

 Head of Digital, London

What Our Clients Say


“​Caroline made me feel comfortable in my own skin and allowed me to be open about my issues and tackle them the right way. Caroline did not judge me for who I was and allowed me to feel comfortable and express my emotions.
I can now hold my head up high and say I did it!”

Charity Worker, London


What Our Clients Say


Paul brings a relaxed warmth that allowed us to settle in, pay attention to our feelings and access new thinking. Something about Paul’s gentle, bear-like spirit suggests anything is possible for you and it needn’t be as hard as you thought. He brings a breadth and depth of experience – highly recommended.

HR Exec, UK







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