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Online and face-to-face workshops are a powerful tool for equipping staff of all levels with the necessary skills to excel both personally and professionally.

The workshops are designed to provide delegates with high-impact tools and learnings that they can take away and implement immediately and whilst we welcome thoughts, reflections and feedback, we never pressure attendees into sharing anything too personal or uncomfortable.  In fact, our ‘Dealing with stress, anxiety and depression at work’ sessions (which we have had fantastic feedback for) simply requires delegates to listen and learn. Most of our workshops can also be delivered in an hour, making them perfect for a lunch and learn session. Please get in touch for a no-obligation chat if you would like to learn more.

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Current workshops on offer

BUILDING RESILIENCE: Dealing with Stress & Anxiety at Work

BUILDING RESILIENCE: Dealing with Stress & Anxiety at Work

By offering practical techniques that can be implemented immediately, this workshop enables delegates to better cope with the stresses of work and modern-day life.

This session is suitable for every professional level, typically lasting an hour. We are happy to include any internal resources that you wish to signpost during the session (e.g. EAPs, ‘Mental Health Days’ etc.)

The workshop covers the following:
  • What are stress, anxiety and depression?
  • What is (CBT) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?
  • Practical CBT techniques for dealing with stress/anxiety.
  • The ‘Butterfly Technique’ – a practical EMDR approach.
  • Where to get further help.


Although extremely common, imposter syndrome can be hugely limiting to both your professional and personal life. This workshop settles common anxieties, empowering your team to break free from self-doubt on their way to success!

The workshop helps delegates:


  • Understand the various types of “imposter”.
  • Identify the unhelpful strategies each of them employs.
  • Employ new, healthier strategies.


Failure is commonplace in the pursuit of success, and when things go wrong it can be difficult to communicate effectively where there’s the possibility of conflict.

Whilst this workshop is particularly helpful for those in managerial roles, the learnings are highly transferable, enabling all staff to develop their communication and conflict resolution skills.

The workshop helps delegates:
  • Prepare & plan for tricky conversations.
  • Speak & listen with empathy.
  • Utilise curiosity to reach goals.
  • Manage conflict more effectively.