Natasha Grigorov

Therapist for Individuals, SHORT TERM AND LONG TERM

About Me

I am a BACP Accredited therapist with a master’s in psychology. I offer online therapy with individuals either briefly or long term.


My therapeutic approach is described as person-centred, relational and trauma focused.  Whereas I work from a non-pathologizing perspective, believing that we are inherently adaptive to our diverse environments.

That we have the potential to grow and thrive within a collaborative relationship characterized by trust and understanding, and that therapy given the right conditions can help us to identify and change difficult areas in life. In turn, promoting self-empowerment, relationship, communication, self-esteem, stress reduction, anger management, and improved mood.

I am particularly interested in working with clients who may be struggling with adverse childhood experiences, traumatic attachments and/or more recent stressful events that are affecting the quality of their relationships, work-life and choices. I integrate somatic therapy techniques for resourcing and prioritize an affirmative and inclusive practice.

FUN FACT: I love roller skating!

You can talk to me about:

  • Stress, anxiety or phobias
  • Relational issues
  • Sexual abuse
  • Identity Issues
  • Neurodiversity
  • Resilience and self-growth
  • Feeling stuck, procrastination and avoidance
  • Life transitions

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