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CPPC is a professional and experienced coaching company. We offer one-on-one coaching to businesses and individuals wanting to improve productivity and wellness, manage stress and develop their careers. Our impactful solutions are designed to facilitate you in meeting your personal and professional goals.

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Who is coaching for?

Coaching is designed to help drive you toward both your personal and professional potential and meet your career goals. Whether you are looking for a new challenge,  wanting to reignite the passion for the job you already have, or address your work-life balance, coaching can assist ambitious individuals in unlocking the right skills and attitude to succeed.

Coaching is an emotionally intelligent approach to making change, meaning your coach will be interested in how your career fits in with your wider lifestyle and what really makes you ‘tick’. If you are keen to take steps towards a more meaningful way of living and working, get in touch now.

The following therapists are all trained in this field:
Paul Dex

Paul Dex

Therapist & Professional Development Coach for Individuals

Nara Morisson

Nara Morisson

Therapist & Stress Management Coach for Individuals

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